Sunday, October 30, 2011

Arkansas Weather

Ugh.  You have to love (hate) Arkansas weather.  There will be around 30 degrees F (about 18 degrees C) difference between the highs and lows for the next week or so (and have been for the last week).  It's warm in the afternoons when I head to work, but I have to take my heavy coat with me, because by the time I head for home the temperature is hovering just above freezing.  Joy.

In other news, I picked the last of my watermelons and gave them to my friend in order to foil my watermelon thief.  I had been saving a particularly large one but it was stolen out of my yard a couple weeks ago.  Last week another (my smallest) was taken.  I had two left, hidden in some high grass that had grown around them, so I picked them before my thief could come back and take a closer look around.  Honestly, some people are just beyond belief.  Either grow it yourself or go to the store!

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